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COCO JAR Online Store

We Create, Import and Distribute Traditional Beauty Solutions for Normal to Dry or Damaged Hair, Scalp, Skin, and Skin Disorders Using Premium Quality Natural and Organic Plant-Based Ingredients. Products you can TRUST for  Quality, Safety, and Effectiveness. 
Our efforts to bring authentic quality products to our customers have led us to work directly with rural communities in countries. 
Our product line continues to expand as we explore the opportunity of bringing in exotic ingredients from different parts of the globe
Our Products are inspired by the timeless beauty of nature and the healing & beautifying properties of Natural and Organic Oils, Butters, 
and Plant Extracts.
Our Mission to Bring Amazing and Effective Beauty Products for Hair, Scalp, Skin, 
and Skin Disorders using Traditional Plant-Based Ingredients
COCO JAR Products you can TRUST for Safety, Quality, and Effectiveness